Oklahoma City, OK Drug Testing

CRG Laboratories

CRG Laboratories is your trusted professional drug, alcohol, and other testing services provider in Oklahoma City, OK . Professionalism and precision in testing have only one home - CRG Laboratories.

Drug Testing Laboratory - Oklahoma City, OK - CRG Laboratories - Drug Testing Laboratory

Our Services Include:

  • Urine or hair drug testing
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Employee background checks
  • DOT services
  • DNA paternity testing
  • DNA results in 72 hours
  • Physical exams
  • Employee drug screening
  • DNA testing
  • Court-ordered testing


We are in two locations to better serve you - in Oklahoma City and in Stillwater.

We are located near Reno and Meridian.

Call CRG Laboratories today at 405-943-6465 for all your testing needs. You can call us at Oklahoma City, OK   phone: 405-571-9026 or Toll free line: 866-743-6465.

Contact Information


CRG Laboratories 304 N. Meridian Ave., Ste D. Oklahoma City, OK 73107
CRG Laboratories
304 N. Meridian Ave., Ste D.
Oklahoma, OK 73107